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PonyCycle U Black with Long Hair Horse [Limited Edition]

Age 4-9
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How to Ride PonyCycle Toy?

Kids operated!  Easy to steer left and right with the handlebars. Sit on saddle, step pedals down with feet. Saddle rises and falls to support upper body, pony will walk forward. This saddle design makes kids more comfortable and relaxed to ride, exercises the muscles of whole body.


How to Ride PonyCycle Toy?

Benefits of Riding

Riding can increase the body flexibility. Correct riding posture (back straight) can change the habit of hunching and create a better temperament. PonyCycle is replacement for real horse. It fully simulates the action of riding a real horse, giving the same experience and exercise as riding a real horse.

Benefits of RidingBenefits of Riding


Fun at Home

Pony wheels are smooth to ride on the floor at home. During period when have to stay at home. Kids can have great fun in riding, also exercise. No longer addicted to electronics.

Fun at HomeFun at Home



The pony is interactive toy. It's more fun to play with others, race who rides faster and who dresses up better. The pony let kids play together instead of being alone.



Gallop into a wonderful adventure on the pony! For indoor and outdoor use, boys and girls to ride whenever they want. Let their imaginations run wild and immerse themselves in their own world. Make kids' dreams comes true!


Detail Description

Pony image is cute and smart. Horse skin is high-grade plush fabric with soft and comfortable touch.
high-grade plush fabrichigh-grade plush fabric

  • Pony's wheels are one-way which is safer and easier to control. Wheels material is smooth, will not scratch the floor and make noise.
  • The contact area between pedals and feet is large enough, feet will not slip off from pedals even riding fast. Flat design of pedals makes it easier to clean up.
Detail Description


Multiple Choices

Multi-style design to meet different choices of boys and girls. Different sizes design, suitable for different ages. There is always a pony you are willing to take it home!



Size and weight of the pony are designed based on the average height and weight of kids aged 3-5 and 4-9. Suitable for most kids to ride.



Packaging material is environment-friendly and sturdy, the size is appropriate. Shelved pony can be put back into box without occupying more space.


Ask a Question
  • Wie fàhrt sich das Pferd auf verschiedenen Untergründen?

    Hallo, danke für deine Frage!
    Pony kann sowohl drinnen als auch draußen geritten werden.
    Versuchen Sie zur Sicherheit der Kinder, auf ebenem und glattem Boden zu fahren.
    Es kann sogar über den Teppich im Esszimmer gehen, obwohl es etwas schwieriger ist, ihn nach vorne zu schieben als den Boden.
    Bitte beachten Sie, dass Pony nicht am Hang gespielt werden kann.
    Hoffe diese sind hilfreich. Vielen Dank!
    Hello, thanks for your question!
    Pony can be rode both indoor and outdoor.
    For kids’ safety, please try to ride on flat and smooth ground.
    It can even go over the dining room carpet, although it is a little more challenging to push forward on it than the floor.
    Please notice pony cannot played on slope.
    Hope these are helpful. Thanks!

  • Is the Black horse with Long Hair With Sound modul?

    Hello, thanks for your question. There is no Sound modul in this horse. 
    This is our limited edition horse with limited stock which is very popular now, just feel free to order.