Choosing the right size of PonyCycle toy is important for your kid to have a safe and pleasant riding. This article aims to help you make the right decision by introducing two important ways of size choosing. We will also let you know how to accommodate using our Pedal Pads.


Choose by Age and Weight

From toddlers to teenagers, children need and deserve exercise. As kid-powered riding toy, PonyCycle® not only let kids coordinate and improve motor skills but also allow them to imagine and have fun. To benefit children of all ages, we offer various size options based on children’s age:
- Size 3 for age 3-5 (max weight 25 kgs)
- Size 4 for age 4-8 (max weight 40 kgs)
- Size 5 for age 7+ (max weight 80 kgs)

In most cases, you can choose the right size according to your child’s age. However, every child is different and sometimes age is not a perfect indicator of body size. Therefore, you should also refer to other indicators such as the child’s weight, height and more accurately, the inseam.


Choose by Inseam and Height

Unlike bikes, our product requires kids to pedal with both feet at the same time. So the best size for your child is the size that fits him or her from day one. And the best way to choose the right size is considering both the child’s height and inseam.

It is important that your kid’s inseam is no shorter than the distance between the pony’s saddle and pedal. This way, the kid can reach the pedals well and ride comfortably. You can match the pony size with your kid’s size by referring to the size chart below.


Kid and Pony Size Chart


How to Measure Inseam

Simply speaking, inseam is the distance from the floor to a person’s crotch. If you are not clear about your kid’s inseam length, please refer to the steps below to measure properly.


Address In-Between Size Issues

When your child is in between sizes, you must be hesitant about choosing the small one or the big one. The smaller pony rides more comfortable but would turn too small for your kid soon. Comparatively speaking, the bigger pony can accompany your kid longer but may require additional efforts for the kid to pedal at the beginning. No worries, we’ve got you covered with our Pedal Pad.

Designed for easier riding with bigger ponies, the Pedal Pads can give kids more controlled, efficient stroke before they grow to the perfect height for their pony.

Which Pony Size Fits when Pedal Pads are Applied

When you are choosing a new PonyCycle® U product and decide to use Pedal Pads to address the in-between size issues, you should take inseam length and effective pedal height into consideration.

Steps for choosing pony with pedal pads
  • Measure your kid’s inseam.
  • Add the effective pedal height to the inseam length and get a result.
  • Use this result as the final inseam and refer to the KID & PONY SIZE CHART for a right choice.

Detailed Product Parameters

Model U Product Size

Model U Size Chart


Model K Product Size

Model K Size Chart


Packaging Parameters

Model U Package Size

Model K Package Size


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