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Is this toy safe?

Is this toy fun?

How can I determine the PonyCycle® size?

How to ride the pony?

Can the pony be rode on slopes? What kind of surfaces should I use it on?

Can the pony be rode on wooden floor or on carpet?

Does PonyCycle® go backwards?

What are the differences between different models?

Does Model K has brake system and sound?

Where to buy used PonyCycle®?

Can I use the purchased PonyCycle for a rental business as recreational equipment?

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Does PonyCycle® price match?

Can I cancel or make changes to my order?

How can I track the delivery?

I'm unable to locate my package. What shall I do?

I bought both pony and accessory but only received pony, where is the accessory?

PonyCycle® Product Care

My pony cannot turn. What shall I do?

My pony is all well before, but suddenly it cannot move forward when kid plays it. What happened?

Why does the pony always go left or right instead of going straight when my kid is riding forward?

Sometime ago I purchased a PonyCycle® without a handbrake. Is it possible to buy a brake and mount it on the horse?