About PonyCycle® toy

This shop is the European Official PonyCycle® store, owned by PonyCycle GmbH.

Our Story

After retirement from his work as an engineer in 1995, Mr. Nie Wenlong generated an idea to make a mechanical riding horse for his little grandson, the idea came out from the prototype of the WOODE-OX of the " Three Kingdoms" 1800 years ago.

Everyone agrees it’s a wonderful idea, but no one believe it is possible to produce such a complicated toy at home without professional instruments and knowledge. However, Mr. Nie started without any hesitation. He had repeated studies and improvements, and finally, he invented the magic riding toy in 2000.


We aim to offering the best quality product to every consumer all the time.

We are very proud that PonyCycle toy is the best in the market of same category product no matter design or quality. We have owned mature technology, executed the most strict implementation of international toy safety standards during production and developed an effective quality control system.

PonyCycle brand presents a stable product performance and professional after-sales service to consumers.