PonyCycle is designed for children ages 3 to 12 years. It has three sizes, Size 3 is for age 3-5, max load capacity is 25kgs; Size 4 is for age 4-8, max load capacity is 40kgs; and Size 5 is for age 7-12 years and up, max load capacity is 80kgs.


When selecting a kids PonyCycle, a child inseam and their height should both be taken into consideration in order to get the best fitting PonyCycle.

PonyCycle size chart

Here are the PonyCycle product dimensions in details.

Model U Product Size

PonyCycle Model U Size 4


Model K Product Size

Model K Size 3 product size

Model K Size 4 product size


PonyCycle ride on horse toy and unicorn ride on toy make kids dream come true! No baterries, kids powered! Gallop into a wonderful adventure. PonyCycle rides like a real pony, it's best birthday and holiday gift for kids ever!

Know more about how to choose a PonyCylce size for your little one, getting your child a PonyCycle ride-on toy will give them a new and fun reason to explore the world. They not only enhance their physical fitness from the exercised but also improve their coordination and motor skills. 


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