Only in Germany!

Are you looking for some element for your party and events? PonyCycle toys will be your good choice. 

Book us for:

Birthday party, Christmas, Easter, Wedding, Opening ceremony, Honors day, Shop celebrations...and more.


Flat and solid ground required only, both indoor and outdoor.

You will only pay:

1. Deposit: Take product retail price as the deposit, will be refunded after rental.

2. Product daily rent: €10/pc for size age 3-5, €15/pc for size age 4-9.

3. Shipping cost: Both delivery and return.

Click here to see shipping cost.


1. Order on Shopify with product retail prices (as the deposit) and pay online.

2. We deliver the pony to you.

3. Rental cost and shipping cost will be deducted from the order payment after pony well returned.                                                                              Balance will be refunded via your Shopify order.

For example:

Know more before booking:

1. In consideration of the shipping time, suggest you order 7-10 working days in advance from your use date.

2. Rental is calculated start from the date the product is received, to the date it is sent out to return.

3. Kindly keep the product in good condition without damage to get the full deposit refund when returned. 

Choosing your party/events members:




Any question please contact us: