"Model U 2021" first-ever no-battery Kid's ride on horse toy with brakes

PonyCycle® has redefined industry standards by creating a unique kid's riding horse toy that requires no batteries, charge, or power, this year released the highly anticipated Model U 2021 unicorn and horse toy that comes with functional, accessible brakes.

Made to be as simple as possible, allowing kids to get on the pony, bounce, and go, now parents can sit back while their kids enjoy endless entertainment, knowing that the new-and-improved stabilized wheels, braking feature, and optimized riding technology of the Model U 2021 ride on unicorn and horse toy will make family-fun that much safer.


When a kid finds their absolute favorite toy, they want to use it and play with it endlessly. The problem is that with a toy as big and engaging as a ride-on pony, kids end up blowing through packs of batteries, and expensive electric charges when plugged into the wall. That's what inspired our team to create a horse toy for toddlers that requires nothing but bodily movement. After much research and careful oversight, we have created a Model U 2021 version of our beloved toy with agile alterations and accessible brakes.

In order to make the pony ride as comfortable as possible, the PonyCycle® Model U 2021 uses the Model K pedal design as reference. The Model K- PonyCycle® premium version is made of high-end, stainless steel and rubber, created at an agile angle that makes it comfortable for kids to rest their feet on the pedals. PonyCycle® moves in tandem with kids in a bouncing motion, much like the movement of riding a horse.

 "Pedal Pad" has also been launched as an extension feature that allows kids to reach despite their height. For the parents that wants products that will last throughout their kids' childhoods, the Paddle Pad makes it easy for families to invest in products that are durable and cost-effective over-time.

Not only does PonyCycle® get kids moving, but it also recreates the experience of riding an actual horse, without all of the danger. Unlike our competitors, we have also introduced a hand-activated brake with the toy, so kids can stop their ponies at a moment's notice, for ultimate safety.


Based on customer feedback, we have furthermore introduced an improved, stabilized wheel that makes the ride overall smoother with increased contact with the ground.

Upgraded wheels for a smoother ride


Lastly, by tapping the pony's ear lightly, the horse will let out a real call, making a more realistic riding experience.

As both a boy and girl's toy, PonyCycle® toy is available in black, dark brown, tan, and Ponycycle® unicorn white-and-pink.

Kids are free to get on their ride-on horse toy and create any kind of magical and imaginative experience. Play is an incredibly important part of child development, related to motor skills, cognitive recall, and socialization. We want to make playing as fun as possible, which is why we are encouraging families everywhere to check out our PonyCycle® horse toy today.


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